Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/28 Sign-Up

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There were no link submissions for this session, and I was unable to get a post up myself, so we’ll just move on to the next one!

The Next Theme Is…

WW Theme Paranormal Supernatural

On The Theme…

Couldn’t pass up doing this just a couple of days before Halloween, of course!

What exists beyond your characters senses? The things that happen, but are unexplainable. What haunts the night, and makes people do bizarre things?

Of course, there can be perfectly reasonable explanations… but it’s always more fun when there’s not!


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5 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/28 Sign-Up

  1. I was going to send in a submission for the last World Building Wednesday but got busy with life in general. heh I’ve been enjoying them so far and they give plenty of things to think on.

  2. I’m planning a fictional blog in the persona of one of my characters. He’d be interested in this challenge if it would be okay for me to write posts where he explains the worldbuilding. (He’s doing it anyway.)

  3. Oh man. I don’t know if I’ll be able to put together something for this Wednesday or not. I did write a little bit about one of the gods in the story awhile back, but I’ll see if I can pull something together by tomorrow. 🙂

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