Worldbuilding Wednesdays: On Hold

Needless to say, I’ve not been able to do Worldbuilding Wednesdays as well as I’d hoped so far. Combined with a lack of traffic/interest the past couple of months, and with some of the personal things we’re dealing with right now, I’ve decided to put this on hiatus.

Ideally, I would like to bring it back in about 2-3 months, if there’s enough interest in it. But currently I’m making no promises – a lot of it is going to depend on how job things pan out for Mr. Loper, and potentially myself. Because not paying the mortgage isn’t an option.

If you’ve previously participated would mind answering a few things for me in the comments? Thank you!

  1. Did you enjoy participating in Worldbuilding Wednesdays?
  2. Did you feel that the bi-weekly hops were too frequent, or in-frequent? Would  you rather have them every week, or perhaps just once per month?
  3. Did you like the selection of themes, or feel that they weren’t relevant to your writing?


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10 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Wednesdays: On Hold

  1. Just my thoughts, and admittedly, I couldn’t participate, but I hope you don’t mind an outsider’s perspective! 🙂

    I enjoy reading the topics because I love reading about writing, but I don’t tend to do the exact same type of world-building as a Historical Fiction author, so I’d never be able to participate because I don’t create new languages, construct social hierarchies and politics from scratch, nor invent magical animals, but it’s fun to read about other people’s experiences. There are some similarities between the genres, though, which I enjoyed seeing. I hope you bring it back, and I hope more eligible authors are interested in it. 🙂

    And diving into the second question all on its own, I think it would be nice to have as a treat either once or twice a month, because I think any more often would be a bit of an overload and cause people to not want to participate as much if at all, because they might feel like “having” to work on a blog-hop post every week might be a bit much, especially if they get to be a regular. I also think it would help keep the topics from possibly getting old a bit too quickly, if that makes sense!

    Again, just me, a writer from a different genre, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt as you will. 😀

  2. I haven’t actually participated, but was going to once the holidays were over. One thing that really helps me with challenges is when there are a list of prompts posted in advance and I can work on them at my pace. I can work 18 hour days for three weeks, then have a month of 4 hour days. It’s hard to keep track of places where I need to sign up more than once, remember a date to come looking for a prompt, etc. It’s less work organizing a challenge that way too. You could just put a page up with a prompt list and then hold a monthly link-up without needing to manage sign ups etc.

    1. I would still have to manage sign-ups somehow to assemble a link list, since is less than amenable to those types of functions. Which is probably the #1 thing about that frustrates me!

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s very helpful!

          1. Yeah, but you still have access to the links, so you could still compile a link list or just use the linky page if you wanted to. Most bloggers really don’t care about the redirection and would still participate. I think inlinkz actually has a “back to the host blog” link right on the linkup page.

  3. I enjoyed them! It ties into what I was planning on doing with my own blog, but doing it along side others is fun and you can learn more too. Bi-weekly is fine, so is once a month. As far as topics go, I thought they were fine. 🙂

    As I get closer to book two’s release date, I probably won’t be able to participate as much. Just depends on the topic and all.

    Hope everything is going well for you and the job thing has resolved itself!

    1. At this point, I’m probably not going to start these up again until mid-March/early-April. I have a few logistics to figure out that I wasn’t enjoying from the back-end after doing it for a few months.

      And I just put up a new post about the job thing! 😉

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