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Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.

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Um. So. Summer happened. I’m not quite sure how the last month passed as quickly as it did.

Floofers (baby chicks) are doing well. The good news – everyone is still alive! Even Seven, and I honestly can’t tell which one is Seven anymore.

They also moved OUTSIDE this week. Ahead of schedule, too, since they were fully feathered at 6 weeks, and some of their parents weren’t until 10 weeks. I don’t know why. Genetics, probably.  Continue reading “Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.”

What No One Tells You About Hatching Chicks – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

So we’ve had a project ‘brewing’ for a few weeks. At the beginning of June, I noticed that Henrietta (our hen that internally lays) was broody. It was a bit of a surprise, because she’s four years old, and she’s  a red sex-link (a hybrid breed) and they rarely go broody.

Looking back, I realized she’d probably been broody for quite some time before I noticed it. So in my enthusiasm, I shoved seven eggs under her and let her get to setting!  Continue reading “What No One Tells You About Hatching Chicks – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm”