Welcome to Scribe! (Also, HOBBIT!)

Hi everyone!

Not too long ago (okay, maybe the beginning of the year?), I realized that I wasn’t happy with the direction my blog, Black & Dark Night/Rebekah Loper, Writer, was heading. And I didn’t know how (or have the time) to fix it. 

So that left me with one option – to just start a new blog, bring over a few things from the previous one that I was proud of, and start this journey afresh.

I started Black & Dark Night (henceforth to be abbreviated as BDN) a little over two years ago. I had been writing fiction for years, and blogging casually (anyone remember LiveJournal and Xanga? Some of you readers probably used to follow me on there, haha.) as well, but I began to realize that I’d need to start making a name for myself if I ever wanted people to buy books by me (you know, whenever they’re actually published), and I needed to do something more than just blog randomly on random subjects. Or whining.

And hence BDN was born.

But I really had no clue what I was doing, or what I wanted out of blogging.

BDN, as it stands now, is the shambled results of two years of experimentation. I’m not ashamed of it, but it’s not an accurate reflection of who I am now, or where I’m headed.

I have learned and grown so much these past two years, and it’s time to prune back everything else and let the fruit of that experience shine through.

I’m a writer – and a good one at that.

(Not to say I don’t have a lot of room for improvement – because I very much do.)

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I’ve won an actual writing award, and have finally made it to the querying stage with one of my novels, and it’s time for me to act like I want this to be how I live, because it’s what I love.

I love fantasy – particularly epic fantasy. Or high fantasy. Whatever you want to call it.

I’m obsessed with world-building. I love everything about it – creating a language, new cultures, figuring out political systems of entire countries, fantastical plants and creatures that could never exist in this world. And clothing. I love costume design, and this certainly gives me an outlet for that.

I’m a little bit more laid-back than the rest of the world.

It usually takes me 2-3 times as long to complete a task as it does most people, because that’s just how my brain functions. Hence, this blog will be a bit more laid back. I’ll only be doing 2-3 posts per week, tops, instead of trying for 4-5. Some of the weekly features I had on BDN will now be monthly on Scribe.

I have opinions, and feelings.

These opinions and feelings are valid (even if they are sometimes misguided) because I am a human being. I am also working through some things that have held me back since I was a child. Words can hurt, and they can scar for a very long time, and many times I have not expressed my opinions or my feelings because I have been hurt over trivial matters by someone who should have loved me unconditionally.

Words can heal hurts.

That’s what I want my writing to do. Even if I cover a topic that is controversial (there probably won’t be too many of these), I want my writing to create bridges. To bring hope. But the only way words can do that is if I let others read them. Even when I’m scared of what they might think.

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Photography by Melanie Cook
Photograph by Melanie Cook

And now that I’ve taken a tangent that I wasn’t quite planning, here’s what you can expect for the month of October:

  • I have two guest posts coming up this month, one at Tameri Etherton’s blog on October 11th, and one at Natasha Hanova’s blog on October 18th. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure and post links here when they’re up!
  • 2013 NaNoWriMo Tools – some classics, some brand new.
  • A completely new feature that hasn’t been seen on BDN, or (obviously) Scribe – High Tea & Fantasy! (first post will be on October 17th.)
  • And I’m also going to start sharing actual fiction (and occasionally non-fiction) with you guys – likely just once a month at this point, but I’ve got a few little short stories and essays hidden away that would like to see the light of day.

So please, poke around at the new site! There’s already some new content up, so explore! If there are any categories that are empty, rest assured that content is coming soon!

And, for your enjoyment, have a Hobbit Trailer!

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