Universe: The Bigger Setting of Your Story

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U is for Universe...
U is for Universe…

In fiction, ‘universe’ has typically come to mean the setting of a certain story with a certain set of rules. That is still applicable to your worldbuilding, because you must stay within the set of rules you’ve established so far, but that’s not quite the type of universe we’re talking about today.

Today, we’re talking universe in the literal sense.

Don’t forget about the rules you’ve already established when you complete these steps.

  • Step back from the tiny area of your story, and look around at the world you’ve been creating.

Look at the countries, then the continents, and then step back further.

  • Look at the entirety of your world.

Is it like ours, set in space, a familiar globe full of life? Or is it different, perhaps flat or even carried on the back of a turtle? 😉

  • Are there stars, other planets, or galaxies orbiting nearby?

Nearby being a relative term, of course.

How many suns or moons? What color is the sky during the day? What are the most well-known star constellations?

If there are no stars, is there still a moon? Or is it completely dark at night?

  • How much of the universe have your characters explored?

Are they still earthbound and can only speculate about the universe outside their immediate vicinity, or are they experienced travelers both around the world, and possibly into space?

  • Is there life on other worlds, whether your characters know it or not?
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