For lack of anything else to post…

Whoo, I did the income taxes today! We are getting way more money back than I thought we would. Mr. Loper also got a bonus this week at work.

Now we just have to figure out how to spend – and not spend – the money.

I won’t lie, though. I’m hoping between all of it to be able to get a massage, a hair cut, and a nice dress for when we go see Phantom of the Opera in April.

And getting my gas stove that’s lived on my front porch for the last two years finally installed would be nice, too. The complication is just that it needs a part… and I honestly can’t remember which part it was.

And we only went over budget by less than $100 this month, whoo! It’s getting there…

Also, here is Winnie holding me hostage this morning. But she was warm. Which was nice, because it’s really friggin cold here again, and will be for the next 3-4 days. Ugh.

LOOM - WIN_20150226_081050This has been your sporadic, uber-random life update post. How are you today?


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13 thoughts on “For lack of anything else to post…

  1. Doing good on the budget side of things. 😀 I can relate when it comes to being pinned down by furry inhabitants. Both Caffeine and our newest addition, Anukhet, have been ensuring I sleep plenty in my new chair while I get over this cold. Got to love how caring a feline companion can be.

    1. Cats can be so intuitive about when you just need calm snuggles! Not ALL cats, but the majority of ones I have had always knew when I wasn’t feeling well and to just snuggle and not be a brat.

      Hope you get well quickly, Candace!

    1. They were less tedious this year than in most of the previous ones, since I didn’t have any income from freelancing. The most complicated thing was tracking down the info that the forms wanted that wasn’t on the 1099B we had from selling hubby’s stocks, though that process made me want to scream at one point. Because the info SHOULD have been on the 1099B, but oh well.

  2. Did our taxes this week, too, and between self-employment taxes and having to pay back our 2008 new home buyer’s loan we owe quite a bit. Boo. But I’m glad to have that task off my plate, regardless. Glad to hear you’re getting a refund, though. Hope you get to have some fun with it.

    Joining you in “ugh”-ing at the weather.

    1. *hugs* This is one of the few years I haven’t had to pay self-employment taxes, because I did zero freelance, though hubby’s job has always more than made up the difference on our refund status. I think we’ve only had to pay in to the state once, and never for federal.

      Whee more snow. I just want a few warm and dry days soon so I can get my garden beds in order before planting time. *sigh*

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