Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/16/15 Link List and 9/30 Sign-up

It occurred to me about halfway through the sign-up period for the first session that some of you might like to have email reminders, especially if you know you won’t be participating EVERY session.

So, you can sign up for that here. Just make sure you select the ‘Worldbuilding Wednesday Reminders’ option.

As an added incentive, those who sign up for the emails will get to see the upcoming theme for the next session a few days early. 😉

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The Next Theme Is…

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On the Theme…

There are very few people – whether fictional races, humans, or otherwise – who don’t like companionship. Having pets is certainly a popular way of fulfilling that need without requiring social interaction, and you can reveal much about a character’s, erm, character by how they treat creatures considered ‘lesser’ beings.

So you can take this theme a few different ways: what types of creatures are kept as pets in your world (and why some would be considered normal or exotic), how culture views pets, and how your characters themselves interact with pets.



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One thought on “Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/16/15 Link List and 9/30 Sign-up

  1. I had to begin this week at the beginning – with where my world came from. But I am loving your themes. They are making me think of things I hadn’t thought of before!

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