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WW Theme Superstition

On The Theme…

How do your characters (and other world dwellers) protect themselves from the unknown?

Superstition reveals the vulnerabilities of society – their deepest fears, in some cases. However, they can become innocuous over time. There are many simple superstitions now – saying ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes, or knocking on wood to prevent bad luck.

While those types of superstition are viewed as pretty much harmless now, there are many ways superstition can control someone’s life – perhaps someone avoids certain numbers, or certain types of cars, or certain foods. Superstition is ultimately an attempt at control.

So what do your people have the least control over, and how do they deal with that? That is where you will find superstition.


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One thought on “Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/30/15 Link List and 10/14 Sign-Up

  1. Hey! I’m not sure I’ll have anything to share this Wednesday. :-/ But cool theme. I hadn’t really thought about superstitions specifically in my current world. But I do have it a bit more in other worlds I’ve been creating. Hope all goes well!

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