Life Craziness Update

I really meant to post sooner than this, but resolutions to nearly everything I ranted about in my last post happened, and my brain pretty much came to a screeching halt after being in, what Michelle termed, “crisis management mode” for two months straight.

My thoughts are only just starting to regather themselves into anything coherent.

And if I talk in formal English in any disconcerting manner, just blame it on my Downton Abbey binge-watch that started with me watching the entirety of Series 6 in a single 24 hour period, and has now morphed into me re-watching the entire series.

Yes, you read that caption right.

Mr. Loper has a job!

It actually all happened right after the last post I made. Literally the next day.

He’d applied for the job maybe a week or two after being unemployed, and before we’d even tried to mess with any unemployment benefits. He’d called them to follow-up, and they called back to ask him to come in for an interview. When he left the interview, they said he could expect a call back within a couple of days, and THAT SAME AFTERNOON, they called and offered him the position.

He went in the next day to take care of drug tests and background checks, and he’s now worked for nearly two weeks! It’s such a relief. He’s working 10-hr shifts, though, and they have an abundance of overtime available, so while he had to take a slight pay cut ($1.30 less than what he was making before), it should all balance out.

In my last post, I also mentioned that I was pursuing a home bakery business. I have that up and running now as well. We really need to be able to get ahead on a few things, mainly so that we can get a truck, and to be able to have some money set aside for the inevitable repairs and animal illnesses/injuries that keep popping up.

I’m also rethinking some things I’ve been attempting otherwise in my life, and praying about some directions I’m not sure I should keep working toward. But there will be another post about that later.


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5 thoughts on “Life Craziness Update

    1. Unfortunately, I would have to be working out of a licensed, commercial kitchen to ship it. But if you know someone else in OK who could *cough* buy and then ship to you, well… 😉

  1. That’s such a fantastic news, I’m so happy for the both of you!
    I know, some may say it’s just work, but it’s so hard to make plans on any project if you can’t count on a steady income.
    I’m happy this went this well for you 🙂

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