Remembering Friendship – The WCS/Ben Hamm Scholarship Award

Last year, I blogged about the short trip my husband and I took to Georgia with his family to attend his youngest brother’s graduation from Army boot camp. (There are three of them all together, just FYI. The middle brother is autistic, so he’s not quite as independent as the other two.)

I don’t talk much about my brother-in-law (Corey) on the blog, mostly because of security reasons. But today, this post is about him. (And for him.) 

For the few days that we were in Georgia with him last year, since he was on leave for most of the weekend to spend time with his family, he was also catching up with friends back home. Mr. Loper and I don’t really know Corey’s friends very well, partly because they do have quite a few years between them, and that side of the family lives in a smaller town nearly an hour north of us.

I’m not going to go into the family history about why everyone’s a little strewn across this part of Oklahoma, because those are stories for my husband and his brother to share if they ever wish to. I will say that they’ve both had hard circumstances to deal with that were outside their control, and they have both made leaps and bounds to change their situations.

One of the things Corey did that drastically changed his life was to gain admission to Wesleyan Christian School for his high school years. In addition to his receiving a comprehensive education, it also gave him the opportunity to hone his love of football, and (most importantly) we all observed the amazing growth of Corey’s character and his faith in Christ.

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During his time at WCS, Corey built many lasting friendships. One of them was Ben Hamm.

I maybe met Ben very briefly a couple of times at some of Corey’s football games. I doubt we even shook hands. But we’ve seen the amazing impact of Ben through Corey.

Ben played on the football team with Corey. Ben had a football game one night while we were in Georgia, and Corey was keeping up with the game via friends back home. Then terrible news came – Ben had been injured. Later, we would all learn that he was in a coma. Ben had suffered from a head injury previously during his time playing football, and this injury had re-aggravated it.

Tragically, Ben passed away shortly after the rest of us returned to Oklahoma. Corey was, of course, still in Georgia, and would be for quite some time.

Now, Corey has set up a scholarship fund in memory of his friend on GoFundMe. You can read more of Corey’s reasons in his own words if you click that link.

Now that I’ve told you that, let me say this: one of the reasons Corey is in the Army is to fund his own college education eventually.

This is a young man who cannot pay for his own college, yet is determined to help someone else pay for their education in the meantime.

If you are capable of doing so (because we all understand how difficult having anything to spare is in the shape our economy is right now), please consider donating to the WCS/Ben Hamm Scholarship Award.

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Thank you!

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