Announcing the Worldbuilding Wednesday Re-launch!

Somehow, it’s almost July. I meant to have Worldbuilding Wednesdays relaunched at least a few weeks ago, but June ended up being… not good. We had to say goodbye to our elderly cancer-survivor cat, Winnie, a couple of weeks ago. That was following an unexpected chicken loss (in addition to Henrietta), and then a few days after Winnie, a close friend had to say goodbye to one of her animal companions as well. There’s nothing quite like grief to bring life, and creativity, to a screeching halt.

But despite the heartache and the setbacks, I want to keep pushing through on my creative goals. This includes getting Worldbuilding Wednesday up and running again!

I first launched Worldbuilding Wednesday back in 2015. I was still on WordPress dot com at the time, though, so managing a link list was… clumsy and time-consuming, and due to some other life hassles at the time as well, I had to put a hold on things. Since I’m now self-hosted, there are better and easier ways to deal with it!

I’ll be releasing more details about the Worldbuilding Wednesday relaunch this weekend (probably Sunday), but will be giving a sneak-peek to all of you who are signed up for the Worldbuilding Wednesday reminders on my email list. Not signed up? You can do that here! Just make sure and check the Worldbuilding Wednesdays Reminders option!

The most important thing: Mark your calendars for July 5th!

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EDIT: More details now available at the Worldbuilding Wednesday page!

Hope the rest of your week, and the rest of June, goes well!

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