Worldbuilding Wednesday – Interior Design – August 30

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Interior Design

I’ve found one of the best ways to get to know my characters (especially as a fantasy writer) is to poke through their bedroom. By doing that, you’ll learn what is most important to them, and where they came from.Interior design isn’t really something writers think of when they sit down to work on a story, and yet it’s something that every writer will incorporate simply by have scenes that take place inside buildings.

Interior design plays as important a role in the setting of your story as architecture does. It can convey the history and lifestyle of your characters in the same way that architecture does for the world you’ve created.

There are three major aspects to consider when creating interior settings:

  1. The culture.
  2. Financial resources.
  3. Foreign influences.

The culture will influence what your characters value and why. It’s important to also consider religious aspects in this as well, and whether they run with or counter to the culture. Superstition will also influence culture, and so consider what sorts of talismans might be found around a home, even if not consciously selected by the character.

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Financial resources will dictate the quality of what is inside a home. There may be some things that are found in every home (curtains, a rug, certain idols or types of cutlery) but they will be different (curtains may be thinner or made from leftover material from something else, a rug may be second-hand, an idol may be clay instead of silver, cutlery may be carved from wood, etc.)

Foreign trade will also affect interior design – certain styles will immigrate with trade routes, and while textiles like silk might be limited to the wealthier classes of society, the lower classes will find ways to mimic what those of higher social status have.

And, of course, don’t forget to account for any personal quirks and preferences your character has!

Further Questions

  1. What does your character’s bedroom have in it? Feel free to describe that for your post!
  2. What is a cultural item that is standard through every home?
  3. What is a foreign trend that was picked up somewhere along the way?

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