Worldbuilding Wednesday – Knowledge – September 13

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The amount of information accumulated affects how a society and culture grow, and there are three main ways knowledge can be dealt with: the pursuit of it is encouraged, allowed, or forbidden.

How a society deals with knowledge can be a key point in helping you figure out how it is governed – whether it allows liberty, grants the illusion of liberty, or is actively oppressive.

There are many examples of how knowledge is controlled, manipulated, and often simply drowned in misinformation and entertainment in our current political climate, both in the US and around the world. You shouldn’t have any problem finding examples that you can use for inspiration.

In addition to how governments deal with knowledge, also consider how smaller societies – and even craftsman – treat the knowledge they have accumulated over time. Knowledge can easily be lost when the last surviving member of a family decides not to take up the family trade, or when how knowledge is stored experiences a drastic shift (oral traditions transferring to written languages, for example.)

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Further Questions

  1. How much does each culture know about your fictional world?
  2. How is that information stored?
  3. How is information passed on? Are there schools, private tutors, or is it a community responsibility around other necessities?

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