Worldbuilding Wednesday – Queens – October 25

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Okay, so this is less about queens specifically and more about government in general.

If you’ve read fantasy or sci-fi you know that the governments of choice tend to be either monarchies and/or totalitarian systems (respectively). There are some variations, but with the trend (especially in sci-fi) leaning toward dystopian, it’s easy to feel like every story deals with the same government, and is almost always a commentary on current events. 

It’s easy to forget that there are so many different forms of government besides monarchies and democracies, and even these have many variations that are often not considered in worldbuilding.

First off, government is a natural offshoot of a community of people. It is part of how they lay down the framework for existing harmoniously. Nearly all governments begin by a desire to help their people. It is when it becomes a form of power that it begins to become corrupt.

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For small people groups, there may not be an established form of government. There may be a council or one or two elders who help mandate things, but with input from the community.

For large societies, representative governments are usually the most efficient form of government. These are also the types of government, though, where it’s easy for individuals to feel like their voices are drowned out.

Really, just do your research. Look up forms of government that are different from the ones you’re familiar with. Sometimes a different one than you expect will work better for the story you’re trying to tell.

Further Questions

  1. Who benefits most from the current form of government in your main character’s culture?
  2. Who benefits the least?
  3. What underground movements/black markets exist in counteraction to the government?

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