A Weekend Away

writer's colony, dairy hollow, eureka springs, arkansas
Entrance to the Writer’s Colony at Diary Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

It’s been a while since I last blogged, and I’m sooo sorry, guys! Other than sharing things from the Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society, I think my last actual post here was back at the end of NaNo. Oops.

I just haven’t had the mental energy to do so, and the one time I did (sometime back in February), Mr. Loper startled me and I accidentally deleted my entire post and WordPress autosave hadn’t caught the most recent part, which was a significant portion of the post I just… couldn’t find it in my brain again.

Right now, though, I’m not at home. I’m in Eureka Springs, taking advantage of a huge opportunity I got through the Oklahoma Women Bloggers group. I’ll be blogging more in full about that later, but let’s just say that I get to spend the weekend with four other lovely ladies (three of them are also Oklahoma Women Bloggers) at the Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow.

So far, it’s been very productive. I’ve finished reading through my A-Zs of Worldbuilding manuscript, and am now going back and doing the revisions and edits that I noted on the computer. This is hopefully my second-to-last draft. I’m planning to send out a newsletter in the next few days, so if you want to be an advance/beta reader for this thing, go sign up (if you’re not already on the list.)

Tomorrow, I’ll be tackling Catalyst. Because it’s about dang time I finished those revisions. Sadly, all I’ll probably get done is reading some (hopefully most or ALL) of my manuscript over again, because I haven’t touched the thing in at least a year. Oops.

Hope you all in the blogging realm (my dear readers, whether you blog or not) are doing well! Let me know what’s up with life in the comments!

Interesting Reads – The Late April/Early May Edition

It’s amazing the interesting things you can find when you just start paying attention and looking for them. Just sayin’.

  1. Frances Glessner Lee: How a Late Bloomer’s Deathly Dollhouses Transformed the Forensics Field – Later Bloomer | Debra Eve
    I found Debra through the last WordPress University ‘class’ I participated in, and had never encountered the ‘later bloomer’ idea in culture before, though I certainly felt that I was lagging behind the world in certain areas. Later Bloomers just seem to take longer to reach certain milestones in their lives, and I feel that description certainly fits me. Later Bloomers, though, seem to have a significant impact in the world once they hit their stride. Like Frances Glessner Lee. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about the Miniature Killer episodes from CSI as I read this particular post.
  2. Here Ya Go. The Winning Story! – heylookawriterfellow
    Not too long ago, Mike Allegra (I’ve been following his blog for a few years now) had a doodle contest (these are fairly regular on his blog). This time, he was also offering up a short story. While I didn’t ‘compete’ this time, his story made me laugh.
  3. Is Living Off The Land a Pipe Dream? – The Rustic Elk
    This was a very timely post for me. I’m a very goal-oriented person, and while five years ago I would probably never have dreamed that living off the land was going to be a serious goal of mine, it’s a daunting one. And when goals daunt me, I tend to not think about them, even while simultaneously completing tasks toward them so I can at least feel like I didn’t give up. My problem: land is expensive in Oklahoma, especially if you want land with a water source. We’re not ready/willing to move out-of-state at this point (though that may change), and we’re definitely not in a financially secure enough spot to buy land on top of our current mortgage. I could, technically, go out and find a full-time job again, but then I would have the energy for anything else (been there, done that, not fun). So for now, I’m stuck pursuing my dreams on a shoestring budget. And this post was a good reminder of some additional steps I can take with where we’re at now.
  4. Somebody’s Already Written a Story Like The One You’re Writing, And That’s Okay. – Bryn Donovan
    This is a hard thing a lot of creatives struggle with. It seems like every time I come up with a new story idea, within a week I see that someone else has done it. I try not to fret, because I don’t usually have time to write it right then anyway, but it is disconcerting. And with blogging, too – the struggle to find a unique platform is hard. But everyone has their own twist. It’s just a matter of finding your own voice.
  5. Easy (and Rich) Beef Stew – Font of Randomness
    From my friend Serena (a fellow Ferret). This looks positively delicious! Plus, easy recipes. I love easy recipes.

What have you been reading lately?

5 More Interesting Posts I’ve Read

Time for another link-fest!

  1. God is an Epic Novelist – Interview with Anna Tan
    I don’t even remember how I connected with Anna. Probably an A-Z Blogging Challenge one year. She’s recently released her a novella (you can read a guest post and a review on my blog), but in this interview she covers a lot of issues about growing up in the church AND being a creative. A lot of her thoughts resonate with my own, as well as her experiences.
  2. Women With Firearms: 23 Truths You Should Know – The Survival Mom
    As I mentioned in my blog post this last Saturday, getting carry permits (both open and conceal carry are legal in Oklahoma) has been on my and Mr. Loper’s to-do list for a while. Finances haven’t allowed it up until now. One of the few times I’ve really wished I had a gun was when two stray dogs showed up in our neighborhood and kept us up for three nights in a row as they tried to dig into our chicken enclosure. The other time was when I was home alone one day, and a strange man knocked at the door (he gave no signs of being with the city/police/electric company, etc). When I didn’t answer he moved over to pound on the bedroom window. This post covers many things that you should be aware of if you’re even thinking about carrying a firearm for protection.
  3. Beauty of a Woman BlogFest V: Registration! – August McLaughlin
    I’ve participated at least a couple of times since the second year August put this blogfest together, and it’s always a treat. Women often have a difficult time in our world, especially with the convoluted beauty standards we’re bombarded with, and this is always a reset for me. If you’d like to participate, you can sign up through April 30th!
  4. What Is Earthing? Should You Be Doing It? – The Farmer’s Lamp
    Earthing is simple: it’s being in contact with the dirt. I always ran around barefoot as a child, and even now I take time to go outside and stand in the dirt (and the sunlight! Vitamin D!) for a few minutes at a time. I don’t do it enough, though, but even so I can tell a difference. Being outside alone will improve my mood (unless the wind is brutally cold) in a matter of seconds. We weren’t made to be people inside of buildings. We were made to be outside.
  5. Digging deep – On why writers deserve to be paid – KT Hanna
    Hoping to make a living as a writer is… discouraged, even by people who make a living off of us. Like literary agents. One of the main pieces of advice that goes around in the writing world is “Don’t quit your day job.” And that’s not just advice for new writers – that’s given to all writers. Is it fair? No. And it most definitely shouldn’t be right. KT goes into some of the frustration of that in her post.

Read any phenomenal blogs yourself lately? Comment below and share!