Ruthardt Tiny Homestead – A Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm Road Trip

Not too long ago, in one of the local groups I’m in on Facebook, someone shared about a homestead that was being given away in a contest. Here in Oklahoma.

Yeah, don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking. “That can’t be legit.”

Well, I started poking around. The place in question is the Ruthardt Tiny Homestead, and I’ll be honest as I kept researching and reading up, it really seemed to good to be true in many ways.

As I looked at pictures, and read about their goals and the history of their homestead on their website, I was very close to tears. They have done so much that is what we would love to do. They have enough property for there to be space, but not so much that it would be completely overwhelming.  Continue reading “Ruthardt Tiny Homestead – A Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm Road Trip”

What Do May Showers Bring? Mud. – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

You know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, we’ve had April showers AND May showers, and all they bring is mud, mud, and more mud. Especially nasty chicken-poo mud. The chicken enclosure has flooded so many times in the past few weeks. It’s disgusting.  Continue reading “What Do May Showers Bring? Mud. – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm”

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Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.

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Um. So. Summer happened. I’m not quite sure how the last month passed as quickly as it did.

Floofers (baby chicks) are doing well. The good news – everyone is still alive! Even Seven, and I honestly can’t tell which one is Seven anymore.

They also moved OUTSIDE this week. Ahead of schedule, too, since they were fully feathered at 6 weeks, and some of their parents weren’t until 10 weeks. I don’t know why. Genetics, probably.  Continue reading “Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.”