Summer Prepping Intensive – Course Review

I’ve been following The Survival Mom for a little while now, as well as a few other ‘prepping’ bloggers.

If you don’t know what prepping is, it’s basically being prepared. You know, like the Boy Scouts, except for major disasters.

Please don’t think I’m crazy. Because I’m not.

See, the time it would have been great for us to be hard-core ‘preppers’ is when Mr. Loper was laid off last year. I’d never wished more to have several months of food already on-hand, since he ended up not finding a job for two months. And unemployment fell through. We had no income at all for two months. That was scary.

Not to mention the two consecutive years (March of 2015 AND March of 2016) when tornadoes have tried to come down on top of our house.  Continue reading “Summer Prepping Intensive – Course Review”

Course Review – Intro to Permaculture Design

Earlier this spring, someone in my local urban farming group on Facebook shared about a free online permaculture course that was going to take place over four weeks in May. Like a… typical student enrolled in an online course, I waited until week two-ish to even start on anything, and did not finish the course because the last few days of it coincided with Memorial Day weekend/my birthday. Good thing it was free! And that it didn’t actually count for college credit any kind. Because I would not have passed since I missed the last several ‘assignments’ because I was too busy cleaning house for my birthday party.

The course I took was the Intro to Permaculture Design class by Oregon State University. It will be available to take again at the end of October. If you’re interested in signing up, you can go ahead and enroll through Canvas Network. (They also offer a lot of other really cool looking courses. Some of them are free, some not, so check carefully!)

So, what is Permaculture?

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