Streets of Glass by Michelle D. Argyle – Book Review

The FTC requires me to inform you that I received a free copy of this wonderful thriller from the author, Michelle D. Argyle, in exchange for a well-earned honest review.
Book Review: Streets of Glass by Michelle D. Argyle |
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Genre & Length: Thriller (Upper YA/NA), 414 pages

The Blurb:

Eighteen year-old Starry is destined to take over her father’s powerful drug syndicate. But when she finds out he has kept her only sister a secret from her, she can’t trust him anymore. Furious, Starry vows to find Emma, even though she knows her defiance could lead to losing the position she’s worked so hard to inherit. But Emma isn’t quite the sister Starry hoped for. She’s a straight-laced good girl who wants nothing more than to take down the syndicate that destroyed her family. Starry, willing to do anything to secure her place in the syndicate, accepts her father’s ultimatum to kill Emma and everyone helping her. But the more Starry gets to know Emma, and the more secrets she uncovers, the more she questions whether the price of saving the syndicate is too high—even for someone as cold-blooded and vicious as Starry.

My Thoughts

Plot: Absolutely fascinating. Both Starry and Emma are so strong-willed and determined, it’s just been directed in different ways because of how they were raised. The conflict between the two of their worlds merging, as well as the personal conflict that develops between the sisters when they finally meet is well done and believable.

Pacing: Perfect. It never feels like the story is dragging. Every time I would pick the book up, I was surprised at how far I’d read into the story when I had to stop, and yet it also never felt rushed.

Writing Style: I’ll be honest, I love how Michelle writes. This is not the first of her books I’ve read (you can read my review of Bonded here) and I love how easy it is to fall into her stories and her worlds.

Would I Read This Book Again: Yes!

Summer Prepping Intensive – Course Review

I’ve been following The Survival Mom for a little while now, as well as a few other ‘prepping’ bloggers.

If you don’t know what prepping is, it’s basically being prepared. You know, like the Boy Scouts, except for major disasters.

Please don’t think I’m crazy. Because I’m not.

See, the time it would have been great for us to be hard-core ‘preppers’ is when Mr. Loper was laid off last year. I’d never wished more to have several months of food already on-hand, since he ended up not finding a job for two months. And unemployment fell through. We had no income at all for two months. That was scary.

Not to mention the two consecutive years (March of 2015 AND March of 2016) when tornadoes have tried to come down on top of our house.  Continue reading “Summer Prepping Intensive – Course Review”