The Future of Fantasia Hearth

So I didn’t really mean to take a blogging hiatus at ALL, let alone one that was nearly a year-long. But it happened, and life happens, and so here we are and it’s September 2018.

Really quickly, though – September means HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY to The A-Zs of Worldbuilding! And… *drumroll* I’m doing something to celebrate!

The A-Zs of Worldbuilding: Building a Fictional World From Scratch by Rebekah Loper

Anyone who signs up for my newsletter in the month of September will get The A-Zs of Worldbuilding ebook for FREE.

Yes, you read that right! So what are you waiting for? Go sign up now!

Current subscribers: if you would like the free ebook as well, just shoot me an email at rebekah(dot)loper(at)gmail and let me know if you’d like .mobi or .epub!

Additionally, I’m putting together a Worldbuilding NaNo Prep Course that will launch on Monday, September 3rd!

You will need to sign up for my newsletter to access the course – just select the box labeled “Worldbuilding NaNo Prep Course”. 😉

I won’t lie, I started putting the course together, erm, yesterday, but partly because I need the impetus to get the worldbuilding for my NaNo story this year started – I’ve got it almost plotted, but yeah… very little worldbuilding.

And on that newsletter note… if you follow my blog, you may want to sign up for my general newsletter. Because off and on this last year while I wasn’t blogging, I realized that I didn’t miss blogging. At all. I used to love it, but algorithms and SEO standards keep changing and it’s just so stressful to even think about anymore, let alone worry about getting traffic TO the blog.

Fantasia Hearth isn’t going AWAY, per se, but… it is changing.

I’ve come to realize that I can either pour my creative energy into a blog, or I can pour it into my stories.

I’m choosing my stories.

Fantasia Hearth is going to change into my central hub – a true website, not a blog. I will post occasional news, etc, but it’s really going to be where everything else I do connects – my books/writing, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

My goal is to send out 1-2 newsletters per month just to connect with you all – I’ll talk about projects I’m working on, both writing and home/garden, and less about everything that feels like it’s going wrong in my life (Honestly, I often feel like my life is just a series of catastrophes).

Hopefully. It’s hard, because I often feel like I owe explanations for why I’ve… disappeared. Or not followed through on a self-imposed deadline. I struggle between the extremes of “no excuses, period!” and “it’s really out of my hands.”

Now that we’ve covered the important things, if you ARE curious about what’s happened this past almost-year, here’s the short version… Continue reading “The Future of Fantasia Hearth”

chickens, raising chicks, backyard chickens, black australorps, austra-whites

Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.

FIRST! Big news will be coming soon – are you signed up for my newsletter? You need to be! Especially if you’re curious about what’s been happening with the A-Zs of Worldbuilding!

Um. So. Summer happened. I’m not quite sure how the last month passed as quickly as it did.

Floofers (baby chicks) are doing well. The good news – everyone is still alive! Even Seven, and I honestly can’t tell which one is Seven anymore.

They also moved OUTSIDE this week. Ahead of schedule, too, since they were fully feathered at 6 weeks, and some of their parents weren’t until 10 weeks. I don’t know why. Genetics, probably.  Continue reading “Summer Shenanigans. Sort of.”

Interesting Reads – The Late April/Early May Edition

It’s amazing the interesting things you can find when you just start paying attention and looking for them. Just sayin’.

  1. Frances Glessner Lee: How a Late Bloomer’s Deathly Dollhouses Transformed the Forensics Field – Later Bloomer | Debra Eve
    I found Debra through the last WordPress University ‘class’ I participated in, and had never encountered the ‘later bloomer’ idea in culture before, though I certainly felt that I was lagging behind the world in certain areas. Later Bloomers just seem to take longer to reach certain milestones in their lives, and I feel that description certainly fits me. Later Bloomers, though, seem to have a significant impact in the world once they hit their stride. Like Frances Glessner Lee. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about the Miniature Killer episodes from CSI as I read this particular post.
  2. Here Ya Go. The Winning Story! – heylookawriterfellow
    Not too long ago, Mike Allegra (I’ve been following his blog for a few years now) had a doodle contest (these are fairly regular on his blog). This time, he was also offering up a short story. While I didn’t ‘compete’ this time, his story made me laugh.
  3. Is Living Off The Land a Pipe Dream? – The Rustic Elk
    This was a very timely post for me. I’m a very goal-oriented person, and while five years ago I would probably never have dreamed that living off the land was going to be a serious goal of mine, it’s a daunting one. And when goals daunt me, I tend to not think about them, even while simultaneously completing tasks toward them so I can at least feel like I didn’t give up. My problem: land is expensive in Oklahoma, especially if you want land with a water source. We’re not ready/willing to move out-of-state at this point (though that may change), and we’re definitely not in a financially secure enough spot to buy land on top of our current mortgage. I could, technically, go out and find a full-time job again, but then I would have the energy for anything else (been there, done that, not fun). So for now, I’m stuck pursuing my dreams on a shoestring budget. And this post was a good reminder of some additional steps I can take with where we’re at now.
  4. Somebody’s Already Written a Story Like The One You’re Writing, And That’s Okay. – Bryn Donovan
    This is a hard thing a lot of creatives struggle with. It seems like every time I come up with a new story idea, within a week I see that someone else has done it. I try not to fret, because I don’t usually have time to write it right then anyway, but it is disconcerting. And with blogging, too – the struggle to find a unique platform is hard. But everyone has their own twist. It’s just a matter of finding your own voice.
  5. Easy (and Rich) Beef Stew – Font of Randomness
    From my friend Serena (a fellow Ferret). This looks positively delicious! Plus, easy recipes. I love easy recipes.

What have you been reading lately?