What Do May Showers Bring? Mud. – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

You know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, we’ve had April showers AND May showers, and all they bring is mud, mud, and more mud. Especially nasty chicken-poo mud. The chicken enclosure has flooded so many times in the past few weeks. It’s disgusting.  Continue reading “What Do May Showers Bring? Mud. – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm”

Spring has Sprung – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

I was honestly planning that the next ‘down on the farm’ post was going to be a virtual tour of the new chicken coop. But I haven’t even taken those pictures yet.

Instead, it’s going to be about Oklahoma weather. Oklahoma SPRING weather, to be exact.

If you know anything about Oklahoma, you know that springtime is pretty much synonymous with tornadoes. That might even be the only thing you know about Oklahoma. Continue reading “Spring has Sprung – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm”