Worldbuilding Wednesday

What is Worldbuilding Wednesday?

Worldbuilding Wednesday is a connecting point to share the world you’re building with other like-minded writers, and get feedback on anything you’re stuck on.

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This is geared toward writers of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, etc.) looking for feedback on a work-in-progress. If a book is already published, it doesn’t belong in this blog hop.

And, new for 2017, there’s giveaways! Keep reading, you’ll get to that part eventually. 😉

How does it work?

There will be a theme assigned for each session, but it is NOT mandatory to use the theme in order to participate.

Each Wednesday at 6 am Central Time (from July 5 – December 27, 2017) the weekly theme post & link list will go live. The link list will remain open until the following Tuesday evening, at 6 pm Central Time. (You can use the Time Zone Converter to find out what the times are in your time zone.)

In December, the frequency of the blog hop will be re-evaluated, and may occur bi-weekly or monthly starting in 2018, depending on feedback.

If you wish to have a preview of each week’s post, sign up for my newsletter and make sure to select the ‘Worldbuilding Wednesdays Reminders’ option!

Participation Rules

  • Your post must include a mention that you are participating in Worldbuilding Wednesday and link back to this page ( or the theme post for the week. Posts without a link back will be deleted from the link list.
  • Your participation link must be a link to a specific post, and not a general link to your blog.
  • Including the link list in your post is optional, but appreciated.
  • One post/link per person/blog, per session. Multiples will be deleted. Please include the label (MA) if your participation post or site contains mature or explicit content.
  • Please keep posts at or below 1,000 words.
  • Posts that are solely excerpts of published books or have an advertising tone will be deleted from the list without warning.
  • Please state, at the beginning of your post, the type of feedback you are looking for. (Whether world-specific, or understanding character motivations within your world, whether it feels cohesive, you just want general impressions, etc.)
  • Leave feedback for at least 3-5 other participants, particularly ones who have left feedback on your post.
  • If it becomes apparent that a participant is not leaving feedback at all for anyone, they will be removed from future lists.
  • ‘Hop’ at your own risk. If you come across something you don’t want to read, just close out of that blog.
  • Be respectful. Bullying, name-calling, excessive crude language, or complaining about the rules will get you deleted from the list without warning. Repeat offenders will be banned from participation.
  • I reserve the right to amend the rules at any time, without notice.
  • By participating in Worldbuilding Wednesday, you acknowledge that you have read the rules and agree to comply with them.

Participation Badges

Grab one if you want! (Click on image, then ‘save image as’)

The Giveaway!

If you haven’t heard, I’ve been working on a project for the past few years. I once did a series on this blog for the A-Zs Blogging Challenge: The A-Zs of Worldbuilding.

It is about to become a book. I’m not putting out the release date yet, because I have to finish my final revisions and get proof copies still, but it’s close enough that I feel comfortable putting some ARCs up for grab. 😉

There will be weekly and monthly giveaway offerings, and what exactly is being offered each week/month will be more detailed in the theme posts, but the options currently include:

The A-Zs of Worldbuilding, Rebekah Loper
Pre-order the print book!
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The A-Zs of Worldbuilding workbook (Paperback and/or eBook)
Worldbuilding critiques, for up to 2,500 words (weekly prize) or 7,500 words (monthly prize)

Worldbuilding Critiques can Consist Of:

A critique of up to 2500 (weekly winner) or 7500 (monthly winner) words of fiction on worldbuilding integration in settings, character development, plotline, etc., with an emphasis on consistency and believability/required suspension of belief.

Feedback on up to 2500 (weekly winner) or 7500 (monthly winner) words of your personal worldbuilding notes/brainstorming/research in whatever area you need help – whether that is coming up with ideas because you’re stuck on something, you just want to know if the world you created feels cohesive, or you want advice on how to make your plot points tie in with your world better.

If anyone would like to contribute prizes for the giveaways, please feel free to contact me with your proposal.

Giveaway Rules

  1. All participants are automatically entered in the giveaway, provided the blog hop rules are followed, unless participant asks otherwise. If you do not wish to be included in the giveaway, please leave a comment stating whether you wish to be excluded from that week’s giveaway, the monthly giveaway, or all the giveaways for that month on the weekly post.
  2. Failure to follow the blog hop rules immediately disqualifies a participant for any of the giveaway prizes.
  3. You will be entered in the monthly giveaway EACH time you participate in the weekly themes. That means if you participate two out of four weeks, you will have two entries into the monthly giveaway. If you only participate once that month, you will only have one entry in the monthly giveaway.
  4. If you delete your own link from the list, you will be excluded from the giveaway entries.
  5. Participants are limited to one weekly win per month, and two monthly wins per year.
  6. Giveaway winners will be picked at random, with entries compiled from the participant links in the link lists. Winners for the previous week will be announced in the next week’s theme and link list post. (IE: Winners from the July 5-10 participation list will be announced on July 12.) Monthly winners will be announced at the beginning of the next month. (IE: July participants will have their monthly winner announced on the first theme post in August.)
  7. Giveaway winners must claim their prizes within 90 days of their win.  The 90 day countdown will begin on the day the winner is announced. Ebook and paperback winners must email me to confirm their win within 90 days, or the prize is forfeit. Ebooks and paperbacks will be sent within two weeks of receiving addresses (with exception for July 2017 – I will send out ARCs as soon as I have them available). For the worldbuilding critiques, I must have your words in my email inbox within 90 days. For the 2500 word critiques, I will have your feedback returned within 2 weeks of receipt. For the 7500 word critiques, I will have it back to you within 3 weeks of receipt.
  8. Worldbuilding critiques are non-transferable. Ebook or paperback wins may be transferred to another participant, if desired.
  9. I reserve the right to amend these rules at any time, without notice, for future participants/winners. If you’ve won a giveaway, the rules will stand as they are at the time you claim your prize.
  10. If you do not ask to be excluded from the giveaway, you agree to adhere to the giveaway rules by default.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line through my contact form! Can’t wait to see you next week!

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