Privacy Policy & Commenting Policy


I don’t sell your information – ever. I don’t even transfer names and email addresses between people who leave comments or contact information here on my WordPress site and my email list for my newsletter, unless you give permission for that when you leave a comment.

Commenting Policy

All comments require a name and email address. See privacy portion above for what I (don’t) do with that information.

I reserve the right to remove and/or not publish any comment for any reason. This will not usually be a problem, but if a comment is rude, vulgar, or just downright makes me uncomfortable, then I will not publish it, or I will remove it, whichever is applicable. Repeat offenses will result in being blocked from the site. Differing opinions are fine – just be polite.

If you have never commented on my blog before, your comment will be held for moderation before it appears publicly.

If you have commented on my blog before, you’re good to go!

If a comment contains more than two links, it will be held for moderation before appearing publicly.