June 2, 2016

And by that I mean “It’s been a MONTH? HOW?” and “It’s been A MONTH. How did all that happen in a month?” Oh man, where to begin… Well, I guess first off, I should announce that any of you who have linked to me should update your links to rebekahloper.com. Yes, that’s right, I…

oklahoma, tornado, oklahoma weather, march 30 2016
April 9, 2016

We’ve had two very close calls with tornadoes in the last year. Not to mention sporadic earthquakes, wildfires, and the possibility of extreme cold. We are not prepared in the slightest, and we’re going to change that with an emergency kit.

April 13, 2015

I was done with Monday by 8:30 this morning. I can’t remember if I mentioned Ginger (one of the hens) was sick or not. I know I mentioned it on Facebook. 99% sure I mentioned it here – she was the one we had to give antibiotics.

January 26, 2015

If I thought that my last post was going to be my most frustrating experience for January… I was so wrong. I’ve been a bit silent, both on social media and here on the blog, because last week was really rough. A week ago Sunday, we finished the new coop. We got the chickens moved…

April 30, 2014

Stopping by for the first time for the A-Z Challenge? Read a short intro to the A-Zs of Worldbuilding here! Animals serve many purposes. They are a vital part of the ecosystem, they offer companionship, and they can be sources of food. And creating animals can honestly be one of the most fun parts of…

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Rebekah Loper writes character-driven epic fantasy featuring resilient women in trying and impossible circumstances who just want to save themselves but usually end up saving the world, often while falling in love.
She lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, dog, two formerly feral cats, a small flock of feathered dragons (...chickens. They're chickens), and an extensive tea collection. When she's not writing, she battles the Oklahoma elements in an effort to create a productive, permaculture urban homestead.