Worldbuilding Wednesday – Birth – July 12th

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The birth of a child can influence a story and characters in many ways. In places with less medical knowledge, it will be both more mysterious and more dangerous. In a society with more advanced medical care, it will mostly be a safe life event, though complications are always possible.  Continue reading “Worldbuilding Wednesday – Birth – July 12th”

Birth: Sacred or Clinical?

B is for Birth...
B is for Birth…

Stopping by for the first time for the A-Z Challenge? Read a short intro to the A-Zs of Worldbuilding here!

Next up in the world-building alphabet, we have birth. The birth of a child is a defining moment, and if you have a birth that happens in your story, you can use it to add a richness and depth that you may not have realized before.  Continue reading “Birth: Sacred or Clinical?”