Q is for Qualifications

Even in a world where everyone has the ability to do magic it may not be a good idea for everyone to actually do magic. This will intertwine with laws for magic use a bit, but qualifications are a little different. While laws may govern the use of magic, especially in public arenas, qualifications are more about who is capable of doing magic.

N is for Nature

Nature magic has the wonderful ability to be beautifully simplistic in its execution while being stunningly vast and complex in its scope. The magic might be tied to plant life, to the seasons and changes of season, to the weather, or to all of these things together.

M is for Moon

The effects of celestial bodies are so subtle that we often don’t realize them in our daily lives, and yet they are there. If you live on or near a coast, you are probably more aware of them because of the daily ebb and flow of the tides, which are caused by the pull of the moon’s gravity on the earth.

L is for Law

For the most part, in fantasy worlds, the legality of magic is a given. It’s fantasy, so there is magic, and with many people using magic regularly, it must be normal and good, right? Well… it doesn’t have to be that easy.

I is for Instruments

Not all magic requires instruments, but as you develop your magic system and get to know the characters of your story, you may find that it’s easier for your magic practitioners to have a tool which helps them utilize their magic.