August 1, 2014

Hello lovely people! I’m sorry for the quiet here the past couple of weeks. Puppy has taken a lot of time and energy. Before I get to all the fun stuff (though really, this should all be fun stuff!), I want to give you a peek of what’s coming up on my blog this month!

July 14, 2014

So it should be obvious that in this household, we have cats. And chickens. But the chickens don’t have much to do with this blog post. Here – have some gratuitous cat pictures!

About Rebekah

Rebekah Loper writes character-driven epic fantasy featuring resilient women in trying and impossible circumstances who just want to save themselves but usually end up saving the world, often while falling in love.
She lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, dog, two formerly feral cats, a small flock of feathered dragons (...chickens. They're chickens), and an extensive tea collection. When she's not writing, she battles the Oklahoma elements in an effort to create a productive, permaculture urban homestead.