BDN Archive – Write a Great Synopsis by Nicola Morgan – Non-fiction Review

This was originally posted by me at (no longer available) on July 25, 2013. 

Purchase 'Write a Great Synopsis' on Amazon. (affiliate link)
Purchase ‘Write a Great Synopsis’ on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Genre & Length: Writing/Reference, 54 pages

The Blurb:

Most writers hate writing synopses. They need dread them no more. In this short ebook, Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide, Nicola Morgan takes the stress out of the subject and applies calm, systematic guidance, with her renowned no-nonsense approach and laconic style.

Write a Great Synopsis covers: the function of a synopsis, the differences between outlines and synopses, dealing with requirements for different agents and publishers, finding the heart of your book, how to tackle non-linear plots, multiples themes, sub-plots and long novels, and it answers all the questions and confusions that writers have. Nicola also introduces readers to her patent Crappy Memory Tool, explains the art of crafting a 25-word pitch, and demonstrates with real examples. Gold-dust for writers at all stages.

My Thoughts

What I thought: This book has been a lifesaver to me many times over. Someone on Twitter (sadly, I don’t remember who) recommended it to me when I bemoaned the frustration of writing my first synopsis.

I would have been lost without it. I still pull this out every time I have to write a new synopsis, or when I need to revise an older one.

Seriously, especially if you’ve never written a synopsis, or if they still scare you to death, you need to read this.

Would I read this book again: Well, I just said that I read it repeatedly :D.

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