What is The Chronos Legion?

The Chronos Legion was an experiment. It first bore the work-in-progress moniker of Father Time, because I had no clue what else I could possibly call it. 

And when I say experiment, I mean experiment. It was awful.

I first drafted this story in 2009, for NaNoWriMo. That was the year I learned I cannot ‘write by the seat of my pants’. I am a planner at heart, and I’m glad I at least learned it with a story that I wasn’t already attached to.

Because I have yet to attempt to read the pile of crap that is The Chronos Legion. I remember feeling so lost with the story, and while I did get me to a goal I hadn’t attained ever before – reaching the elusive 50k mark for NaNo for the first time – it needs to be completely gutted.

But this is also a story where I learned what I love to write – fantasy is truly my passion, and I love to play with “What if?” questions.

Because, you see, The Chronos Legion started off with just one ‘what if?’

What if Father Time had helpers...
What if Father Time had helpers…

What if…

  • Father Time had helpers?
  • those helpers were taught how to manipulate time?
  • parallel universes existed, and had specific events that happened at the same time in all of them?
  • when those parallel universes had concurrent events, they overlapped?
  • when they overlapped, people could cross between the universes?
  • and Father Time’s helpers are actually guardians, working to preserve each universe?
  • and it goes on and on and on…

But that is, essentially, how I developed the idea of The Chronos Legion.

Also, this is probably the only young-adult/new-adult fiction I will ever write.

The door swung open.  Seth concentrated, focusing on the energy around him and in him.  The door flickered as his grasp on it wavered.  A hand landed on his shoulder.  Seth jumped, and the door almost vanished, but not quite.

“You’re trying too hard,” the voice was deep and almost ominous.

“I’m sorry, Father Time,” Seth was finally able to speak and at least maintain the connection at the same time.  Constructing gateways was not easy at all.

“Trust me,” Father Time instructed, “Trust that I control the energy.  I have given you the ability, but trust that I manage it for you.”

Seth took a deep breath.  With the air came energy, filling his lungs, then his blood, and then traveling to his hands.  Holding them palm side up, he saw the door frame resting on them.  Father Time’s hand was still on his shoulder, and the energy flowed between them and the gateway.

The doorway solidified, and for just a brief moment in time, Seth saw his ancestral home, bathed in the midnight moon.

“Now close it,” Father Time commanded.

Seth took a deep breath.  Air became energy, and became a solid door.  It shimmered.  The door swung shut.

What do you think?

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Rebekah Loper writes character-driven epic fantasy featuring resilient women in trying and impossible circumstances who just want to save themselves but usually end up saving the world, often while falling in love.
She lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband, dog, two formerly feral cats, a small flock of feathered dragons (...chickens. They're chickens), and an extensive tea collection. When she's not writing, she battles the Oklahoma elements in an effort to create a productive, permaculture urban homestead.