In Which My Cat’s Bowel Movements Become the Highlight of My Evening

December 7 Edit: Today, I had to make the decision that Tabby’s quality of life was too poor to continue on (he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure back in August). The look in his eyes this morning said that he was just so tired, and I had reached the point of exhaustion as well. So, I held him in my arms today as he went to sleep for the last time, and he’s no longer suffering.

Because of that, I have disabled comments on this post for now. I’m just not at a place where I can emotionally deal with that currently. I will, hopefully, have a fitting tribute for Tabby up sometime this week.


It may be a sign that you’re a good pet owner. I don’t want to think about what else it might be a sign of.

But that’s what happens when your cat is constipated, I’ll just warn you now.

I’ll also warn you that there’s a bit of TMI here.

This picture is completely unrelated to last night's poo adventure. It's just a picture of Tabby. Or, rather, a failed picture of Tabby.
This picture is completely unrelated to last night’s poo adventure. It’s just a picture of Tabby. Or, rather, a failed picture of Tabby. From a couple months ago.

I now know what it is like to rub lube on my cat’s butt, and make him eat petroleum jelly. (Instructions from the best friend/veterinarian.)

Poor Tabby. That had to have tasted AWFUL.

But at least he didn’t have to go to the vet this morning.

I have never been so happy to see cat poo in my life.

It was a bonus that he actually did it in the litter box this time. I wasn’t sure where he was going to be when he was finally able to go.

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