New Month, New Goals – February #WriteMotivation


I can’t believe January is already over, good grief, but I’m ready for a new month! Time for another round of #WriteMotivation

Here’s what I’ve got on my plate for February:

  1. Get at least one-third of the way through Catalyst revisions. – Wheee, revisions…
    • Stretch goal: Halfway through.
  2. Get half of personal A-Z Challenge posts written. – I’ve got my theme picked out, and I think I have all the topics figured out too. Just lots of writing ahead…
  3. Get all of assigned Ferret A-Z posts written. – Ferret business meeting over the weekend was mostly devoted to figuring out our posts, and at least one of mine might turn into a fairly long essay. Wheee! My assigned letters are E, J, O, T, and Y, if you’re curious.
  4. Finish world map for Undoing. – Still gotta find the map. *shiftily glances around the office*
  5. Start organizing filing cabinet. – There’s a box on my office floor. I’m ignoring it. Because I don’t think everything is going to fit in the filing cabinet.
  6. Read at least one writing craft book, and one non-fantasy fiction book. – I honestly have about three writing craft books that I’m in the middle of. I need to pick one and finish it. And I’ve had ‘The Help’ checked out from the library for a month.

I’ve got a post up over at The Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society today! Go see what I have to say about first drafts.

What do you have planned for February?

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20 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals – February #WriteMotivation

  1. Oy! Filing cabinets. That job has been sitting on a backburner forever. LOL. I’ve got to get it done sometime, but I might wait until hubby is retired. We need to do a serious document purge.

    1. I wish I could wait until my hubby was retired… but that’s at least 20 years off, if our generation CAN retire with the way the economy is going (which is the whole reason – besides trying to be more healthy – for striving to be self-sufficient in the first place).

      But… even so, if I waited 20 years to catch up on the filing, that would be a monster pile of paperwork, ha!

  2. You always amaze me at how many things you put yourself to each month. I’ll be waving the pom poms no matter what! I know the non-writing goal of dealing with the filing cabinet isn’t your most exciting on this list, but I know you’ll feel infinitely better when it’s done. GO BEKAH!

  3. It’s better to make yourself stretch as long as it doesn’t get you down in the end. I think planning for a bit more makes us work as productively as possible. I think you’re doing great and plan on cheering as much as possible for you to get your goals accomplished.

  4. As a geographer, I want to see that world map, and I find myself very curious about the RR Ferret Society….Good luck on all your goals!! And I love the way you customized this theme.

    1. I will think about uploading the map when I’ve found/finished it.

      The RRFS can be found at We try and have fun while being educational over there, but a lot of the time we’re just having fun, lol.

      And thanks, I had a lot of fun with this theme, and I’ve been pleased with the feedback so far. 🙂

  5. Lots of wonderful goals, Rebekah! I’m easing myself into WriteMotivation this month, since it’s a short month and my first time. Office organization and reading goals are definitely going to be on my list for March, though. You reminded me how badly I want to reclaim my home office, and I need to get some research reading done for my revision project. Look forward to watching your progress, especially the A-Z challenge. Sounds like fun! 🙂

  6. Your filing cabinet should say hello to my desk- bet they’d get along great! Good luck with your goals this month, and maybe let us know what you thought of the craft book when you finish it. We’d love to hear!

  7. I’m working on my A to Z challenge posts as well (sort of the same type of thing as last year) but for you to do TWO sets of A to Z challenge….that’s a challenge!! Go you!

    1. Well, it helps that there’s 4 other people doing the Ferret A-Z, too. So we really only each have to do 5-6 posts. 😀

      And I literally just tried to comment on your blog post, and got a 503 error >_<.

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