#WriteMotivation… sort of

It’s… been a week.

I had a lot of things I wanted to get done. (A lot of writing, a lot of cleaning, a lot of gardening…) Some of them got done. Some of them didn’t. Most of them didn’t.

I got the bedroom nearly spotless. Nearly. There’s still a couple of things I need to do before it piles up again, but I’m determined to have a clean house before my birthday.

Gardening… hasn’t gotten done at all. Which is bad, because I have about a dozen plants that are going root-bound and I need to either get them in the ground, or in larger pots. One of those two.

Writing… well, some got done, some didn’t. You can see that below.

What I did do, though, is meet up with a local casual writers group. I say ‘casual’ because they aren’t affiliated with any organization. They just get together and write. I’ve been a member of their facebook group for maybe a couple of years now, but I’d never had the chance to actually go to a meet-up. I’m glad I did – it was a small group, but at a familiar location, and so it wasn’t too overwhelming for extremely-introverted me.


So, onto #WriteMotivation!

  1. Finish Camp NaNo goals – I haven’t even looked at Catalyst yet this month. *sigh*
  2. Work on A-Zs of Worldbuilding notebook – STARTED. I also realized that I still have my NaNo Winners code from November for 2 free paperback copies from Create Space. If I can get this put together by the end of June, I can actually USE that code this year.
  3. Read – I have READ. It’s been wonderful. I finished Bonded (by Michelle Argyle), and I’ve started Brood of Bones (by AE Marling). I should have the last book in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone (by Laini Taylor) series waiting for me at the library soon, too. Wheee!

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