Tea & Cookie Giveaway Winner

As this post goes up, I am helping run a garage sale. Pray for my sanity, please.

And my feet. They already ache just from set-up. I don’t want to think of how they’ll feel by midday tomorrow.

Sorry this post is so short and quick, but I’m trying to get to bed at a decent-ish time while remembering to schedule this. 😛

So, while I wanted to do a fun little drawing with slips of paper, I had to resort to random.org instead.

And, according to random.org, the winner of the delicious treats below is…

Tea and cookies!
Tea and cookies!

M. Andrew Patterson!

Andrew, I will email you at some point this weekend provided I survive the massive garage sale of doom. And, well, if I die, the cookie dough is pre-made and in my freezer. Since you know people who know where I live and all. 😛

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5 thoughts on “Tea & Cookie Giveaway Winner

    1. It went very well! We brought in nearly $1400 for everyone combined. We all just got to the end of the evening yesterday and went “YES. It was worth the incredible amount of effort!”

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