Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) – My 25 Favorite Christmas Songs (Dec 16)

This is one of the few true worship-style songs on my Christmas list, but worship is just as important during Christmas as it is during any other time of the year.

Perhaps more important.

Because everything – everything about Christianity, everything about Jesus – comes back to this. That the Son of God became a human, with the ultimate purpose of laying down His life in exchange for ours.

That’s also why the date on which we celebrate Christmas – whether it is Jesus’ actual birthday or not – doesn’t matter. What matters is that we do celebrate it.

Rejoice in the hallowed manger ground.

He has on his garment and on his thigh a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

Revelation 19:16 WEB

What is your favorite Christmas tradition that you keep?

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