Babiesss! (Chickens, that is.)

Firstly, it started raining within 10 minutes of my post last night, and it hasn’t really stopped yet. And the entire system still has the tropical-storm-swirl to it, so it just keeps wrapping around and pouring more rain.

The good news (pt 1) is that we were smart when this rain was first predicted, and I had hubby dig a drainage ditched for the end of the garden that continually flooded in May. It’s working!

And, well, good news pt 2:

Babies are here! Sadly, one was dead on arrival, so I only have 6 instead of 7. I just don’t know yet if I have 2 roos and 4 hens, or 1 roo and 5 hens, or some other combination if they were mis-sexed at the hatchery. We’ll start playing guessing games in about 4-5 weeks.

I do, however, know which one will probably be top of the pecking order. It’s the one that likes to climb on top of the food dish and chase the others away.

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I am way more worried about Winniford.

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A very brief nap. It lasted maybe 5 minutes.

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Also, I am glad that the post office called this morning, and that I didn’t have to pick up chickies in the monsoon we’ve had this afternoon. Yeesh.

Oh! And the chickens are Black Australorps.

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