A post about dog drool. And life.

I’m in the process of cleaning up some things around the ol’ blog. And on the computer. And I found, hiding in a folder, a post that I’d meant to put up this past spring.

So this is two things: That post. And a your FYI that things will be getting shaken up around here over the next week or so. Enjoy!

Our puppy is growing up.

He turned a year old in May, which is hard to imagine. What’s even harder to comprehend is that he’s 60 pounds now (probably more).

That’s a lot of dog to play tug of war with, just so you know.

Bear also seems to be doing something… new, as he gets older: he’s salivating more.

Yup. Drool.

It’s gross.

But I do have to count my blessings. He’s not a Saint Bernard. Those manufacture drool of epic levels.

He’s also not a dog that was in the family about 15 years ago – a black lab named Troy. Troy’s drool was probably close to St. Bernard levels.

Bear… Bear doesn’t get giant strings of saliva dripping out the side of his mouth at the slightest smell of food. THANK. GOD.

Bear seems to salivate most when it’s playtime. He loves fetch and tug of war, though, which both require a lot of contact with things that have been in his mouth.

The tennis ball and the rope toy absorb most of the drool, though, so while they get damp, playtime can last a lot longer than it can with… his miniature rubber tire.

His tire also happens to be his favorite toy. Whoo.

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Rubber doesn’t absorb drool. It just transfers it to your hands.

It’s gross.

But at least not as gross as drool dripping out the side of a dog’s mouth at the first scent of food. Like Troy.


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  1. I remember you talking abotu your new dog. Hey, it seems so long ago.

    And, oh my goodness, you’re changing everything! Can’t wait to see where and how your blog will end up being. I don’t know why, I’m alway sescited when friends remake their blogs. I suppose it’s because I expect so many new things to happen.

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