Of Squash and Floofs – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

No, not squashed floofs. Squashes AND floofs.

Floofs are baby chickens. That is totally the technical term for them, hush.

Squashes are… squashes. Acorn, in this case.

Just FYI, Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm will appear approximately once a month from now on, and it will be mostly photos, sometimes with a bit of ‘story’ depending on whether I feel like expounding much or not. Enjoy!

Update: Since I compiled this slideshow, I sadly lost all my squash plants to mosaic virus. No homegrown acorn squash this year, alas… We also had the added adventure of Polly developing bumblefoot. Whoo. But she is on the mend now!

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5 thoughts on “Of Squash and Floofs – Down on the (Sub)Urban Farm

  1. Everything is looking great! Your coop is so cute!

    I think I might’ve lost my squash too. I had it in another garden and I needed to transplant them so I wouldn’t have to traipse over hill and dale to water them. The jury is still out but the shock might’ve killed the bigger ones. The smaller ones still might make it.

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