Recovering From Busy-ness. Sort of.

September was nuts.

I probably should have waited until October to relaunch my Facebook page, because it languished a bit and I’m still getting the hang of it again.

So what happened in September? 

Travel. Travel happened. This year, I seem to be making up for the previous two years of absolutely no travel at all. We’re up to three trips so far, and they’ve all been more than weekend trips.

The family vacation we took back in May was certainly wonderful, but in September I traveled not once, but twice. With only a week between the two trips.

Trip the First was to Georgia. In a car (well, minivan). With four other people besides me and Mr. Loper. Overnight. Talk about a trial in patience! It wasn’t bad company, but when you’re stuck in a small space with that many people for that long in seats that become more and more uncomfortable… yeah. It was exhausting.

And why were we in Georgia? Well, my youngest-brother-in-law (henceforth, BIL in this post) joined the Army. So we were there for his graduation.

BIL is in that crowd somewhere. ;)
BIL is in that crowd somewhere. 😉

The eerie part? His graduation date fell on September 11.

It was very, very sobering. Especially since the BIL wasn’t really old enough to remember the actual attacks. But Mr. Loper and I were – we were in our teens when it happened (yes, there’s a little more than a decade between Mr. Loper and BIL’s ages).

Besides a lot of family time, since BIL would not be coming back to Oklahoma with us, we were also able to visit the National Infantry Museum. At least for a couple of hours. We saw… maybe half of it? I’d love to go back and see the rest, but I honestly don’t know when I’m going to be in Georgia again.

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My husband took all the National Infantry Museum photos below. This is only a smattering of what they have at the NIM.

And then we went home.

And I was there for a week (which ended up very nearly on-par with Hell Week, which I can’t remember if I ever blogged about Hell Week, but both of those things are for another post or few if I ever decide to talk about them here) before packing my bags to head out for FERRET RETREAT!

There was much relaxation. And lumpy mattresses. And not as much writing as I’d hoped, but still writing!

And there was coloring.

And so much tea.

And Michelle and I figured out the gas grill and didn’t ruin the food, huzzah! (With props to Serena for poking at the grill with us to get it going in the first place.)

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Next up: National Novel Writing Month, whoo! After I do absolutely nothing in October. Sort of. I do have to outline a novel.

So what did you do in September?

14 thoughts on “Recovering From Busy-ness. Sort of.

  1. To be able to say I had done something so much fun like you did. 🙂 My September was equally busy. Working two jobs; my normal Walmart job and an intern job with SCORE which had normal business hours and a whole bunch of workshops. I am so glad it is October, now.

    1. There was a lot of fun in September, but a lot of it was hard, too. Like the trip to Georgia, and leaving Brandon’s brother there when we left. That was really rough.

      Working two jobs is hard! Glad you survived it. Will you be doing NaNo this year? (I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about that already, but I can’t remember.)

      1. I’m definitely going to attempt it this year. I have a vague idea that came to me in a dream. If that one doesn’t come together, I’ll be working on other WIPs since there are so many partials wanting to be finished.

  2. Your September was action packed! Mine was pretty crazy too with an office move and a visit from my Mom & Aunt. I tried to stay grateful for all the opportunities & memories that the month brought to me. PS I LOVE the walking stick on the blinds! lol Happy October!

  3. I didn’t even like carpooling to work, let alone a long car trip. I know what you mean about cramped space.

    We got a lot of projects around the house done, so I’m feeling virtuous…and tired. LOL.

  4. They sound like two very nice trip… though you won’t be surprise to hear that I like the retreat more. The photos look so inviting 🙂
    And I’ve never been to a retreat, so I’m even more curious.

    1. It was a very informal one, just me and 4 other girls, and we went to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and just relaxed and got some writing done! There was very little structure to each day, other than dinner-time was at about 7 o’clock each night. 🙂

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