#WriteMotivation – Slow Start, but Steady (ish)

Well, Monday flew right by me and I forgot to post, but that’s because I was accomplishing things! 

… sort of. I accomplished staying warm (heated mattress pads are your friend), keeping the chickens supplied with water instead of ice, and gasp I actually worked on Catalyst.

  1. Clean off desk and get it usable. Once done, start working on organizing filing cabinet.
    Not started yet, but will be today.
  2. Get at least one-third of the way through Catalyst (Undoing bk 1) revisions.
    Started. I had notes from someone who beta-read a hard copy for me, so I’ve been punching them all into the computer. Found a 68-word sentence doing this. Oops.
  3. Outline first five chapters of Catalyst sequel, more if possible, and get character charts in order.
    No progress yet.
  4. Finish world map for Undoing and figure out the calendar.
    No progress yet.

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