#WriteMotivation – Slowly Approaching the End

This week was a bit better for me, emotionally. I did almost break down to the poor vitamin lady at Sprouts as I was asking about supplements, and she was asking what I needed them for (feeling depressed, fatigued), and she gave me some advice and also told me not to worry yet. She was a very sweet lady who wasn’t judgmental at all that I was still on the verge of tears well over a month after losing a pet, and reminded me that depression IS a part of grief, and that it does just take time. 

The best friend also read my blog post last week and ahem made sure I knew that need to be calling her when there’s actually a problem. So I’m going to do better about this.

I didn’t necessarily make a LOT of progress on my goals, but I made some, so I’m counting it as moving ahead :).

Also, sign-ups for February #WriteMotivation are open! Need a cheerful and realistic group of people to cheer you on, no matter how far ahead you get, or how far behind you might fall? Check it out!

And slightly unrelated: sign-ups for the 2014 A-Z Challenge (takes place in April) opened today! There’s already over 100 participants on the list, so you’ll want to get your name in soon! I’ll be blogging for it here, and the Ferrets are participating this year as well.

#WriteMotivation Progress:

  1. Clean off desk and get it usable. Once done, start working on organizing filing cabinet.
    The filing cabinet is going to be waiting until next month, but the desk is officially clean! Well… it was clean. The office curtains are currently sitting on it, waiting to be hung up.
  2. Get at least one-third of the way through Catalyst (Undoing bk 1) revisions.
    Not gonna happen. The revisions are at least started, so I just need to gain momentum, but there’s no way I’m going to be able to edit several chapters in the next 3-4 days. Not with errands to run.
  3. Outline first five chapters of Catalyst sequel, more if possible, and get character charts in order.
    Not happening either.
  4. Finish world map for Undoing and figure out the calendar.
    Er… yeah, the map is still missing. So this goal is officially changing to “find the bloody map”.

You can see all the #WriteMotivation participants and their goals on the Roll Call.

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14 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation – Slowly Approaching the End

  1. that losing a world map so happened to me. it totally sucks. i spent so much time creating a map for one of my stories and then it didn’t get transferred over from one computer to the next. i didn’t realize it for a few years as the story was in shelved status. now i desperately need it. i’m going to have to start from scratch. blech. i really hope you find yours.

  2. Found you at last!

    And I went back to read about Tabby. I’m so sorry! I know how painful that can be even when it’s necessary to let them go.

    I suppose there are supplements to help with depression, but for me the only cure was time. I hope you get back to your old self soon. Until then, allow yourself to grieve.

    1. The only reason I’ve been so worried about it is because I was having a hard time with a lot of things (ie: feeling under the weather and borderline depressed – a lot of shitty stuff happened last year) before everything with Tabby happened, so part of me isn’t even sure what my old self is anymore. But I will keep giving myself time.

  3. I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time in November. I didn’t finish it…but I did enjoy it and intend to participate again. I love the idea! I look forward to reading your A to Z posts.

    1. I’m not going to OWFI this year, it just won’t fit in the budget, even with a scholarship. I don’t have any contest entries this year, either, so I’m not too disappointed about it, except that there’s a lot of people I won’t get to see.

  4. Way to go on your goals! It’s tough to get through goals when maps are lost, and when you’re in the midst of grieving. I lost a pet in December and one last July – both older dogs – and I’m still grieving too so that makes sense to me.
    Hope you have a great February, and find that map! 🙂

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