In Which Rebekah Slacks Off – A #WriteMotivation Update


So… the first week of February is gone. How?

So much happening this week. My brother’s birthday is on Thursday, Valentine’s Day is Friday, and somewhere in here we’ve got to get a chance to snake the drain in the garage… so the washing machine will drain down it, instead of onto the garage floor. 


So, goals:

  1. Get at least one-third of the way through Catalyst revisions. – Yeah, haven’t even started this yet…
  2. Get half of personal A-Z Challenge posts written. – *snort* yeah right…
  3. Get all of assigned Ferret A-Z posts written. – Started! I’ve written E, and if I were to go in order J would be next, but honestly that one’s probably going to turn into a research paper, so I… need to start on whatever is after that one.
  4. Finish world map for Undoing. – Still gotta find the map. *shifty glances around the office*
  5. Start organizing filing cabinet. – Yeah, I didn’t really take into account that it’s hard to get anything done in the office with the chicken cage taking up most of the floor space. I’m hoping to move her back out with the flock later this week (when we finally have a few days above freezing), so this is going to have to wait for the latter half of the month.
  6. Read at least one writing craft book, and one non-fantasy fiction book. – I definitely go through phases of “read all the things” or “read none of the things”. Guess which one is happening right now? *groan*

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