I am alive… I think.

So much for regular updates, NaNo related or not. November has spread me thin like butter over too much bread. (Yes, that is a gratuitous Lord of the Rings reference.)

My story is… there. I’m about 15,000 words behind, currently. I’m holding onto the hope that soon I won’t have any chicken coop stuff left to do. Also to the hope that the last few days of November are a full weekend, and hubby doesn’t work at all, so hopefully, hopefully, I will be able to get to a coffee shop and have a lot of un-distracted writing time.

I will not be able to get 50k out of Jackal & Huda, unfortunately. So I’m going to end up doing a fairy tale anthology, I think, all set in the world of Blood of Trees. After I finish Little Red Riding Hood, I will be doing The Little Match-seller (I have some fantastic ideas rolling around in my head for that one), and then after that one, potentially Rapunzel. Suggestions are welcome.

The chicken coop is taking about 5x longer than we anticipated/hoped, but hopefully it will be finished by the end of the month. It’s been a combination of underestimating just how many steps were required, and also the weather turning sour on us a few times. We had our first snow last week, whee. And we’re having thunderstorms this weekend. Double whee.

And Thanksgiving is next weekend, too. But at least that’ll be lots of good food.

Sneak Peek of the Coop.
Sneak Peek of the Coop.
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9 thoughts on “I am alive… I think.

  1. Having lost Nanowrimo in the past for being overwhelmed during a crazy November, I can relate, Rebekah. It’s a bit frustrating, but in the long run, it’ll be okay. Your fairy tale antho sounds like a great idea. Will you be self-pubbing it?

  2. Well, in the end, it doesn’t matter wheter you win NaNo or not. The important part is having done everything you could and having written a big chunk of story. That always helps 🙂

    I’m over the 50k words, but behind on my shedule. I won’t be able to get to the end of the novel as well, but I’m sure most of the revision will be dome, so I’m confident I’ll finish in December. So, see? We’re on the same boat 🙂

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