Let There Be Light – My 25 Favorite Christmas Songs (Dec 5)

I’ll be honest, I’m wishing for a little bit of light. Literally. It’s been solidly cloudy, foggy, and rainy here for the last three days. I’m over it.

Add on to that the fact that hubby’s been sick (running a fever, coughing, and all that loveliness) since yesterday afternoon, and I had very little sleep between taking his temperature and being woken up whenever he had coughing fits (seriously considering sleeping on the sofa tonight), I feel like I’m stuck in a bubble of blah.

I’m ready for the light to return. I need some serious sunshine ASAP.

I’m going to try to make some light, though.

Tonight, the decorations are coming out.

Provided I can get them all out of the attic singlehandedly without causing serious harm to myself, that is.

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.
Those who lived in the land of the shadow of death, on them the light has shined.

Isaiah 9:2 WEB

When the last time you used Christmas to make your day a little brighter, especially when things weren’t going according to plan?


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