Interesting Reads – The Late April/Early May Edition

It’s amazing the interesting things you can find when you just start paying attention and looking for them. Just sayin’.

  1. Frances Glessner Lee: How a Late Bloomer’s Deathly Dollhouses Transformed the Forensics Field – Later Bloomer | Debra Eve
    I found Debra through the last WordPress University ‘class’ I participated in, and had never encountered the ‘later bloomer’ idea in culture before, though I certainly felt that I was lagging behind the world in certain areas. Later Bloomers just seem to take longer to reach certain milestones in their lives, and I feel that description certainly fits me. Later Bloomers, though, seem to have a significant impact in the world once they hit their stride. Like Frances Glessner Lee. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about the Miniature Killer episodes from CSI as I read this particular post.
  2. Here Ya Go. The Winning Story! – heylookawriterfellow
    Not too long ago, Mike Allegra (I’ve been following his blog for a few years now) had a doodle contest (these are fairly regular on his blog). This time, he was also offering up a short story. While I didn’t ‘compete’ this time, his story made me laugh.
  3. Is Living Off The Land a Pipe Dream? – The Rustic Elk
    This was a very timely post for me. I’m a very goal-oriented person, and while five years ago I would probably never have dreamed that living off the land was going to be a serious goal of mine, it’s a daunting one. And when goals daunt me, I tend to not think about them, even while simultaneously completing tasks toward them so I can at least feel like I didn’t give up. My problem: land is expensive in Oklahoma, especially if you want land with a water source. We’re not ready/willing to move out-of-state at this point (though that may change), and we’re definitely not in a financially secure enough spot to buy land on top of our current mortgage. I could, technically, go out and find a full-time job again, but then I would have the energy for anything else (been there, done that, not fun). So for now, I’m stuck pursuing my dreams on a shoestring budget. And this post was a good reminder of some additional steps I can take with where we’re at now.
  4. Somebody’s Already Written a Story Like The One You’re Writing, And That’s Okay. – Bryn Donovan
    This is a hard thing a lot of creatives struggle with. It seems like every time I come up with a new story idea, within a week I see that someone else has done it. I try not to fret, because I don’t usually have time to write it right then anyway, but it is disconcerting. And with blogging, too – the struggle to find a unique platform is hard. But everyone has their own twist. It’s just a matter of finding your own voice.
  5. Easy (and Rich) Beef Stew – Font of Randomness
    From my friend Serena (a fellow Ferret). This looks positively delicious! Plus, easy recipes. I love easy recipes.

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