Another NaNoWriMo Win in the Books! (Pun totally intended.)

Life took over this year, but I managed to write most days anyway. Winnie has had her back right leg amputated, and is doing great now. The kitten has been named Tiberius. (As in James Tiberius Kirk.) Oh, and I won a Goodreads giveaway for a book that I really wanted but didn’t know how to fit in the budget! Hopefully it will get here soon…

And I finished NaNo last night about 11 pm, Oklahoma time. Just one more NaNo event to get through (the Thank Goodness It’s Over party on Saturday) and then I can start focusing on Christmas.

Because I failed dismally at blogging in November, here’s all the NaNo updates from the Ferret blog:

Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWinning!

And now, because Tradition…


How has your November been?

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3 thoughts on “Another NaNoWriMo Win in the Books! (Pun totally intended.)

  1. Sorry I’m comign to this so late, it’s been a hectic November…

    I’m happy to hear about Winnie. Give her a hug from me 😉
    As for NaNo, this year I decided to quite halfway thorugh. I blogged about that last week. I’m a bti sorry, I don’t like quitting a challenge, but I do think that wa sthe right thing to do for the story.

    Yeah… Christam’s coming…

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