NaNo is Coming! What am I writing, you ask? Well…

I think I know what I’m writing. It’s been a rough month, in that regard.

And now, less than 24 hours out (really, we’re into single digits here with about five hours to go), I think I have a plan. It’s really just the surface of a plan, but I can see a beginning, and an ending. It’s just the in-between that I’m unsure about. But it’s starting to come together.

I don’t have a true blurb for it yet, I don’t know enough about the story itself to construct one, but I do know the basic premise. Because this year, I’m doing a retelling/adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, but with a twist!

Twist 1: Red Riding Hood is the ‘bad guy’. Which obviously makes the wolf the good guy.

Twist 2: Middle-Eastern feel to the story. Yes, this means the wolf is actually a jackal.

I’m also revisiting my world from Blood of Trees with this story, though it won’t take place anywhere near where that one did, geographically. Perhaps not even time-wise. Not sure about that part yet.

Most of my characters are still unnamed. The ‘wolf’ is just ‘Jackal’ in all of my notes. The only character with a name is Red Riding Hood. Her name is Huda.

Which brings me to the title of my story… at least for November.

Jackal & Huda

I am totally doing a play on words with “Jekyll and Hyde” there, fyi. Just in case you didn’t catch it. 😀

Here’s my fun cover for NaNo, made by Renae DiSilva.

Jackal & Huda cover


And now, with so little time left before NaNo starts, I’m going to go do some more plotting. Happy NaNo!

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